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                                              DINE IN or TAKE OUT


Home-made corn chips and Salsa...1.49                           Guacamole Salad.........Full 11.79  (feeds 4-8)      Half  7.89  (feeds 1-3)  

Chile-Con-Queso w/Chips...Full  9.99  Half  6.69     Grilled Cheese Quesadilla..w/or without chile....6.29    Add beef or chicken...2.50

                                                                 Carne Adovada Quesadilla....10.59


                                           Breakfast Served All Day

"NEW"  Steak and Eggs...12.99   8oz. Sirloin, 2 eggs any style, Refritos, hash browns, wheat toast or flour tortilla, choice of chile

Huevos Rancheros...9.39   2 eggs any style on a corn tortilla, potatoes, beans, choice of chile

The Alburquerque Breakfast...   2 eggs any style, choice of ham or sausage, potatoes, beans, choice of chile

The Santa Fe Breakfast....11.59     2 eggs any style, patties or link sausage, fried potatoes, whole pinto beans, choice of chile, one flour tortilla

Carne Adovada Breakfast...13.29   2 eggs any style, cubed pork loin in red chile, fried potatoes, whole pinto beans, choice of chile, one tortilla

Breakfast Tacos...11.59   4 grilled corn soft taco shells, eggs, ham, fresh green chile, onions, cheese, pico de gallo

Regular Breakfast Burrito...11.59   a 10" flour tortilla wrapped with eggs, potato, ham, fresh green chile and smothered with red vegetarian or pork                                                                                   green chile or both in which we call "Christmas"



          Grilled Cheese Quesadilla....6.29        Shredded Beef or Shredded Chicken Quesadilla...w/or without Fresh Green Chile...8.79

                                                                   Carne Adovada Quesadilla...10.59       




THE PAPA™..."GRAND-DADDY OF THEM ALL BURGER"...12.99  10oz. patty of fresh ground chuck, cheese, bacon, 2 fried eggs and sliced jalapenos

THE ANNA™... "SOPAPILLA BURGER"...11.89   10oz. patty on a huge split sopapilla, fresh green chile, cheese

THE JAXX™... "KING OF BURGERS"...11.89   10oz. patty with guacamole, sour cream, bacon, fresh green chile, cheese

THE DEZ™... "BETTER BE HUNGRY BURGER"...13.29   double 10oz. patties, bacon, fresh green chile, cheese

THE DIEGO™..."HOT DOG LOVERS BURGER"...11.79   10oz. patty, grilled hot dog, cheese

THE THERESE™..."BACON LOVERS BURGER"...11.79  10oz. patty, bacon, fresh green chile, cheese

THE CHELESTE™..."CHILE RELLENO BURGER"...11.99  10oz. patty, egg battered chile relleno, cheese

THE SCOTTY™... "BBQ LOVERS SANDWICH"...11.99   Shredded BBQ beef or shredded BBQ chicken, fresh green chile, cheese

THE EPI™...  "GUACAMOLE BURGER"...11.39   10oz. patty, guacamole, cheese

THE KATHY™...  "ALBURQUERQUE BURGER"...10.69  10oz. fresh green chile, cheese

THE JUAREZ™... "SOUTH OF THE BOARDER BURGER"...13.69  10oz. patty, ham, hot dog, fresh green chile, cheese, mayo, guacomole

THE CLASSIC... 9.29  10oz. patty of fresh ground chuck. ADD CHEESE...1.00

THE BARTOLO™...  "CHICKEN LOVERS SANDWICH"... 13.29   Grilled chicken breast marinated in spices, cheese, guacamole, mayonnaise

"NEW" THE NEW MEXICAN STEAK SANDWICH...14.39  8oz. sirloin steak on New Mexican Toast, A-1 Steak Sauce

THE NEW MEXICAN SMOTHERED TORTILLA BURGER...11.29  split 10oz. patty in a flour tortilla, beans, cheese, smothered choice of chile

THE NEW MEXICAN TORTILLA BURGER...9.29  split 10oz. patty, in a grilled flour tortilla, fresh green chile, cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, M&K


                             FRENCH FRIES, RINGS OR FRINGS

             Classic Fries...4.99     Classic Cheese Fries...6.29     Basket of Frings...( fries & onion rings)...8.79                                               Side order of Beer Battered Onion Rings...7.49    Smothered Pork Green Chile Cheese Fries...8.79                                                                            Smothered Red Chile Cheese Fries with Ground Beef...9.99



                                                   GORDITAS...4 small stuffed sopapillas...12.39  

(Mix or Match)...Shredded Beef, Bean, Ground Beef, Ground Beef and Bean, Chicken, Chicken and Bean, Ground Beef and Potato, Egg and Potato,

                           Carne Adovada, Carne Adovada and Egg, Carne Adovada and Bean, side of Beans and Rice and choice of chile.

                                                                NEW MEXICAN FRITO PIE....9.99

                  A meal all in it self...Melted cheese on a huge bed of Fritos, pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole and choice of chile.



STEAK & ENCHILADAS...16.39  8oz. sirloin with 3 rolled cheese enchiladas, beans, potatoes, spanish rice, choice of chile, lettuce, pico de gallo.

CHEESE ENCHILADA PLATE...12.49   5 stacked cheese enchiladas, beans, potatoes, spanish rice, choice of chile, lettuce, pico de gallo.

CALABASITAS ENCHILADA PLATE...12.89  5 stacked cheese enchiladas with grilled zucchini, corn, green chile, beans, rice, choice of chile.

SHREDDED BEEF OR CHICKEN ENCHILADA PLATE...13.49  5 stacked enchiladas, cheese, beans, rice, potatoes, choice of chile.

NEW MEXICAN ENCHILADA PLATE...13.49  5 stacked enchiladas, 2 eggs any style on top, beans, rice, potatoes, choice of chile.

CARNE ADOVADA PLATE...14.99  pork loin marinated in red chile, pinto beans, potatoes, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo.

CHILE RELLENO PLATE...13.69  2 soft chile rellenos stuffed with mozzarella cheese grilled in an egg batter, beans, rice, calabasitas, choice of chile

CHIMICHANGA PLATE...13.89  2 beef or 2 chicken or a combo of both, beans, rice, potatoes, cheese, choice of chile.



                           NEW MEXICAN POSOLÉ...FULL BOWL...9.29                               HALF BOWL...6.69  

              posole' is cooked white homini with no meat or chile, ask to add red chile or green chile, beef, chicken or pork at no additional cost.


                                                CHILE BOWLS

           FULL GREEN CHILE BOWL...7.99  (add beans no charge)         1/2 BOWL GREEN CHILE...4.99 (add beans no charge)                                    FULL BOWL RED CHILE...7.99 (add beans no charge)        1/2 BOWL RED CHILE...4.99 (add beans no charge)

                                               "NEW"   FAJITAS

                   STEAK FAJITAS, CHICKEN FAJITAS (OR BOTH)...14.99            SHRIMP FAJITAS...16.99                                                                                                     COMBO FAJITAS...16.99  (STEAK, CHICKEN, SHRIMP)


                       SAMPLER TACO PLATE...13.79      (1 SHREDDED BEEF, 1 CHICKEN, 1 SHRIMP, 1 VAQUERO )....(all soft tacos)

                         GABYS GRUPO...12.89       (4 SHREDDED BEEF SOFT TACOS, CILANTRO, MELTED MOZZARELLA CHESSE)                               VEGGIE TACO PLATE...11.29    (4 CALABASITAS; GRILLED SQUASH, CORN, GREEN CHILE, ONIONS ON HARD OR SOFT TACO SHELLS)                                                  SHREDDED BEEF or CHICKEN TACO PLATE...12.89    (4 THE SAME OR COMBO OF BOTH)                                                                  GROUND FEEF & POTATO HARD TACO PLATE...11.29    (4 TACOS)                                                                                    CARNE ADOVADA SOFT TACO PLATE...13.79        (4 PORK IN RED CHILE, CHEESE, PICO DE GALLO)                                                                 GRILLED COASTAL SHRIMP SOFT TACO...13.79       (4 SHRIMP TACOS WITH GUACAMOLE ON TOP, PICO)                               VAQUERO BBQ SOFT TACOS...13.79  (4 DELICIOUS BBQ BEEF OR CHICKEN SOFT TACOS WITH SOUR CREAM, PICO)





SORRY>>>>Still under construction. Please call your nearest JnG for addtional menu items....Thank You


                                            A FAMILY-FRIENDLY NEW MEXICAN RESTAURANT

Enjoy fine family dining at Jack-n-Grill, the friendliest New Mexican restaurant in Denver, Colorado. With prices ranging from $2.00-$25.00, we are very family-oriented.

Each of our casual restaurants features a big-screen TV broadcasting the hottest sporting events. Our Denver location seats 56, Westminster 123, and Littleton 96 guests. All of our restaurants feature a cantina that serves up our "Famous House Margaritas"

                                                                               All-Natural Cooking

We use only organically grown chiles from a trusted farmer in New Mexico. None of our vegetables have been touched by pesticides, herbicides, or chemically altered fertilizer. We use 100% vegetable oil in all or fryers and do not use MSG.

Contact our New Mexican restaurant at (303) 964-9544 in Denver, Colorado, for extraordinary,
Southwestern meals made from only fresh, all-natural ingredients.